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We'll come in and move the furniture from where it is, unlike our competitors - no need for you to haul it outside! And we'll do everything we can to keep your old furniture from the landfill, reducing waste and bettering the planet.

Dan's Haul Away - Denver's Trusted Furniture Removal And Home Clean Out Services Partner. Get in touch with us today for your cleanout needs!

About Dan's Haul Away



At Dans Haul Away, sustainability and community are at the heart of what we do. When it comes to the furniture we receive, we're dedicated to giving it a second chance at life. First and foremost, we prioritize giving back to our local community by donating gently used pieces to charities in need. For items that still have plenty of life left in them, we carefully clean and refurbish them, ensuring they're ready to bring joy to a new home. And for those looking for a fresh start, we offer a curated selection of quality pre-loved furniture through our resale service. With every piece, we strive to extend its lifespan and minimize waste, because making a positive impact starts right at home.


Hauling Furniture.

My Specialty

Don't let bad experiences from other companies get you down. We'll pick your furniture up where it sits, unlike many of our competitors. We have relationships with refurbishers and artisans who specialize in upcycling furniture, so your well-loved pieces won't fill up landfills.

Haul My Furniture Away

  • Keep Your Old Furniture Out of the Landfill

    Dan's Haul Away is actively working to save our planet by keeping old furniture out of dumpsters and landfills.
  • Don’t Fight Your Furniture

    Don't risk injury trying to maneuver something out of your space. Our trained crew of professionals can safely remove any furniture you need.
  • Give Your Old Furniture a New Life

    You've loved your old furniture, so let us take it to craftsmen who can refresh it and get it into the hands of someone who will love it as much as you did.

Declutter Your Home and Breathe Easy

Do unwanted pieces of furniture and belongings clutter your home? Sometimes it can make you feel overwhelmed. Are you facing a move, or renovation, or simply need a fresh start? Dan's Haul Away is here to help! Our furniture removal services are intended to remove the stress and strain of freeing your space of unwanted items.

Our Services

  • Furniture Removal Services: Trying to remove bulky furniture yourself can be a back-breaking chore. Let our experienced team handle the heavy lifting for you. Our services are designed to suit many types of furniture including couches, sofas, tables, beds, chairs and so much more; our services are eco-friendly and fast.
  • Furniture Donation and Recycling: At Dan's Haul Away, we're committed to responsible furniture donation practices. Whenever we can, our goal is to provide your gently used furniture with a new life and a new home. For furniture beyond donation/repair, we employ certified recycling facilities in the Denver metro area.
  • Complete Clean-Out Service: Our home clean out services are completely customizable to your needs. If you need help with a whole-house cleanout or removing specific items, we can develop a plan that suits your needs. We get that every decluttering project is unique, and we work fast and on your schedule to see it completed.
Passion & Story

Saving the Planet

Most junk removal places simply send their loaded trucks to the dump and offload into the local landfill.

Not at Dan's! Our goal is to recycle and rehome every piece of furniture that we possibly can. They say that one man's junk is another man's treasure - I am "another man."

Meet Our Owner

Daniel Beals

A long-term resident of the Denver Metro Area, Dan and his family care deeply about the quality of life of everyone in the city. Improving peoples' lives and keeping the planet in good shape is why he does what he does. 

Surrounding himself with an amazing team, he accomplishes his goal one piece of furniture at a time!

Why Choose Dan's Haul Away?

  • Experienced and Reliable: Our team is experienced in handling all aspects of cleanouts, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • Eco-Friendly: We prioritize responsible disposal practices, minimizing landfill waste through furniture donation and recycling.
  • Customizable Service: We tailor our clean out home service to your needs and budget.
  • Free Quotes: Get a free quote on our furniture removal services before you book – no obligation!

Ready to Reclaim Your Space?

Do not allow unwanted furniture or clutter to spoil your continued enjoyment of your home. Contact Dan's Haul Away at your convenience to receive a no-obligation estimate for your furniture removal, mattress disposal, and overall cleanout service needs. At our organization, we will assist in reclaiming your space to achieve a clutter-free relaxing environment.)


  • I just moved in a new apartment downtown and a week later, working with my case manager Dorothy from CVC whom works with Dan's Haul Away, they had movers in a truck that brought me an apartment full of furniture. I'm without a vehicle, without family, and partially disabled so Dan's Haul Away definitely gave me A Godly Gift that saved me much worry stress and mental peace of mind on my healing & rising journey. OmG did Dan bless me with thee most beautiful furniture a gal could ask for. Thank you Dan, anyone looking or needing furniture I'm sending 🙏 your way... God Bless US All 🤗 xo
  • Everything went quickly and smoothly! These guys are professional and I appreciate how easy the process of setting an appointment was. The price was reasonable and I would definitely use them again. I love the fact that they will try to fix up the old furniture and find a new home for it! That's something I don't have the time or energy for but it would make me sad to think of my old reliable couch sitting in a landfill. Thanks for everything!
    Miss S. S
  • Dan and Brody from Dan’s Haul Away were amazing!!! They arrived a little early and moved efficiently and were out in less than 30 minutes. They removed 3 rooms of furniture, kitchen, living room and bedroom. They were friendly, professional and inexpensive for the job. Thanks so much! Wish everything was this easy!!
    Tom J.
  • Very dependable and easy to add to your schedule. When we set this up, the team texted the day of service, then about 20 minutes prior to arrival. They were courteous and were in and out within 15 minutes. Would highly recommend!
    Karen P.
  • Bought a new sectional so we needed to remove two older couches. Fortunately, our furniture dealer gave us a card for Dan’s Haul Away which is veteran owned and strives to refurbish and re-home used furniture. It was easy to schedule a pickup and the price was very reasonable, particularly since they weren’t just going to the dump. Highly recommended.
    Morbius E